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Ferrari 308 GTSi

1984 Reigate
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About Robert's Ferrari 308 GTSi

The truly iconic ride of Magnum P.I. during the 80’s. The last epioside being watched by 51 million people worldwide.
The Ferrari 308 GTSi exudes Italian presence, style muscle and flair ours is the 3ltr V8 Quattrovalve model with the targa top, deep tan leather literally everywhere inside and imposing black grills and intakes outside.
Impeccably maintained, a dream to hear that V8 start up through quad exhausts, and an unforgettable thrill to drive. This 80s icon is ready and waiting to transport you back to the days of hawaiian shirts, tight jeans and enviable moustaches!
Car Ferrari 308 GTSi
Body type Convertible
Transmission Manual
Fuel type Petrol
Number of doors 2
Number of seats 2
Engine size 2.9

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